Ever get to the end of the festive season and realise your back, neck, legs or other muscles were absolutely screaming at you? There are several ways we can put stress and strain on our bodies over the holiday season, and a number of ways that we can prevent it!

Here are a few ways to take care of yourself, when…

  • Heavy lifting

From putting up a Christmas tree to putting a feast in the oven, Christmas involves a lot of lifting and carrying. Take care to bend at the knees, keep a straight back and push up with your leg muscles with your core engaged when picking up anything heavy. Oh, and try not to twist when you’re in a compromised position hanging up the decorations!

  • Sitting around

Conversely, we also spend a lot of the holiday period sitting down, often on sofas or even floors with poor back support. Consider your position when sitting for long periods and try to keep your back and legs as well placed as possible. Pillows at your lower back or a rolled-up towel between your shoulder blades help to improve your posture. Take regular breaks to get up and move around, and try to add in a little exercise, even just a brisk walk around the block.

  • Writing Christmas cards

It might not sound like a risky activity, but we’re not used to writing by hand much anymore. So at Christmas, when we sit down to write a whole bunch of cards, there are a few things to consider – especially if some of them are for people we don’t see often, and end up being fairly lengthy. Long periods of writing can put strain on our wrists and arms, working muscles that aren’t used to doing much work day-to-day. Don’t do all your cards in one batch – do just ten minutes at a time and give yourself a good break in between each session.

  • Wrapping presents

Similarly, trying to do everything in one go can strain your muscles, particularly if you’re hunched over on the floor grabbing things from all directions. Try to do your wrapping in batches, just like we did with our Christmas cards. When you are in wrapping mode, prepare a workspace on a table at a good height, with everything you need in easy reach.

  • Dressing to impress

High heels, tight shoes and restrictive clothing can all cause pain in your legs, feet, back, and, well, everywhere! Whilst we all want to look fabulous at our festive parties, try to find a balance between fabulous and comfortable. If you’re going to be out for a while, especially if that will involve a lot of time on your feet, opt for flat shoes, or at least take some flats with you that you can change into when your feet get tired or for that long walk back to the parking lot!

  • Partying hard

All that festive cheer can make you more prone to accidents, but it’s important to remember that alcohol and sugar also cause adrenal fatigue. Your adrenal glands produce anti-inflammatory corticosteroids, which reduce pain, so if they’re not functioning correctly then any injury you do get over Christmas may hurt that little bit more.

Enjoy yourself over the festive period, but also take care of yourself! If you have any concerns that you might have put too much strain on your body during the holidays, then you can always call us on (03) 5381 1892 or email us at info@back4life.com.au to book an appointment after the festive period!