Kinesio Tape

Available in Black, Beige, Blue & Pink.


Available in 60gms, 120gms,250gms & 750 gms.

Fortress Foam Roller

To self-massage aching and tight muscles.

Fortress Premium Elastic Bands

Different strengths available to aid rehabilitation & training.

Ollie Owl Pillow

Pillows for Happy Healthy Kids. Available in Mini, Midi & Maxi sizes.

Complete Sleeprrr Pillows

Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows. Available in Original size.

Dentons Pillows

Available in multi, high or low profile.

Lumbar Support

Leg Spacer

Ring Cushion

Travel Pillow

Spiky Balls


Lupin Neck Heat Pack

Lupin Lower Back Heat Pack

Flexeze Heat Pack

Serola SI Belt

Storks Support Saunders

Ortholife Contoured Light Back Support

Ortholife Posture Aid/Clavicle Support

DONJOY Products

Ankle, Knee, Back, Elbow Braces available.